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Overview of Services

Compounds Australia is Australia's only dedicated compound management facility. It is a national resource that allows chemists to deposit small molecules into a central repository for quick and efficient access by life science research teams.


Compounds Australia was established in 2008 and remains Australia’s only integrated compound management facility, providing compound management research logistics (compound lodgement and storage, specialized formatting and reformatting into assay-ready microplates, quality control, data handling) to enhance drug discovery and translational research. 


Chemists can deposit their samples and natural product extracts into Australia's only purpose built small molecule repository.


Biologists can select screening sets from the unique suite of molecules on offer.


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Moana Simpson     
Rebecca Lang


- Facility Manager
- Operations Manager

 +61 7 3735 4445


Location and hours of operation

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Monday - Friday

08:00am - 5:00pm AEST                       

Compounds Australia
Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery
Building N75, Griffith University
Brisbane Innovation Park, Don Young Road
Nathan Qld 4111

Links and Resources

  1. Compounds Australia Website
  2. Compounds Australia Structure Portal: CASPeR


Name Role Phone Email Location
Moana Simpson
Compounds Australia Manager
+617 3735 4445
GRIDD, Griffith University, Nathan Campus